1/4 Beef Box- Online Only

1/4 Beef Box- Online Only

100lb Avg/Pkg

It is our family's passion to provide you with convenient access to nutrient-dense and pasture-raised products.

You'll feel confident taking our products home to feed your family knowing our meats are humanely raised without GMOs, growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics!

Our Beef is AWA certified 100% grass-fed, grass finished and Animal Welfare Approved

Our Twist on a 1/4 Beef

What We will Include in 1/4 Beef Box:


·       4 (8oz) Filet Mignon Steaks

·       4 (14oz) Delmonico Steaks

·       4 (12oz) Ny Strip Steaks

·       4 (16oz) Sirloin Steaks


Slow Roasting Meals:

·       2 (3lb) Boneless Chuck Roasts

1 (3lb) Sirloin Tip Roasts

1 (3lb) Beef Brisket

·       6 (1lb packages) Stew Beef

Ground Beef:

·       20 (1lb packages) Ground Beef

·       12 (1lb packages) Extra Lean Ground Beef

Beef to Grill:

·       4 (1lb Packages) 1/4lb Beef Patties

·       4 (1lb packages) Bacon Burgers

·       4 (1lb packages) Beef Hot Dogs


4 Meaty Beef Shanks

2 package Beef Short Ribs

4 packages Minute Steaks

2(3lb) Bag Knuckle Bones

Sorry, No changes or substitutions

To help you figure out freezer space;

Our Butcher packs our 1/4 cow in FOUR medium size boxes measuring: 18 x 14 x 12 and 15 x 10 x 8.