What to expect when ordering a 1/4 or 1/2

When ordering Beef/Pork in bulk can get confusing. On this page we will explain the process and wording for you to understand and provide links to informative articles.

Understanding what cuts are available by certain portions of the animal can be daunting. We have tried to make it simple by breaking it down with our ordering form. Giving our customers choice by animal area to be cut. This way you can order what cuts you like to cook and your family will enjoy most.

Here are a couple of articles by The Spruce Eats that explain cuts pretty simply:

Learn where cuts of beef come from and Complete guide to pork cuts

Pricing is also confusing. Bulk orders are sold by the Hot Hanging Weight. This means as soon as an animal is slaughtered, head, feet and organs removed the animal is weighed. This is the weight used when charging for your bulk purchase. Say a cow weights 1000lbs Hot Hanging weight and you are buying a Quarter Beef: you would pay $5.25lb times 250lbs making the purchase price $1312.50

The yield of how much meat you get from that 250lbs is also confusing. A carcass hot hanging weight lowers about 2% as the meat dry ages. The carcass is then trimmed of excess fat and then often deboned to make certain cuts depleting the weight. In general the final weight of yielded meat is usually 60-65% of the Hot Hanging Weight. This can vary depending on how fatty the animal is or whether or not you choose to have bone in or boneless cuts or if you choose to receive bones for broth ect....

For more detailed information please read article written by Beef2Live:

Amount of Freezer Beef Expected from Carcass.

If you are ordering a whole pig you will notice that for most cut options you are able to choose up to 2 choices. This is because with a whole animal we can cut one side one way and the other side another. We are unable to do this when buying a smaller portion of the animal, there is only so much meat available for the cuts.

When ordering a 1/4 cow/pig you may notice it says MIXED quarter. This means we take meat from both the front and the back of one side of the animal. Giving the customer more variety of cuts. We do not sell front or back 1/4's.

Wait time for your custom order to be ready can vary greatly due to many factors: The animal reaching optimal weight for slaughter, the availability of a slaughter date, the schedule of our butcher shop cutting for other orders, holiday season and slaughterhouse being closed.

All custom orders are for farm pickup due to the number of boxes being pickup up and not having room in our delivery truck to take them to our meat pickup locations.

We ask you to pay balance due for your custom order by Cash or Check at Farm Pickup in order to avoid credit card fees on this large purchase.

Note: We do offer Meat Bundles in our Online Store!

If you have further question please reach out by emailing Tina our online sales manager.


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