Baseball Cut Steak

Baseball Cut Steak

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A baseball steak comes from the upper portion of the top sirloin. This lean cut is thick and flavorful, similar to the prized filet mignon. Cuts of meat from the top sirloin typically carry bold, meaty flavors.

Unlike sirloin steaks, butchers remove the bone, tenderloin, and bottom round muscles in baseball steaks to form a center-cut top sirloin steak.

Although this cut of beef is lean, it maintains its tenderness on high heat, which makes it ideal for cooking on the grill. It is a relatively small cut compared with a top sirloin cut because it’s cut from the upper part of this section.

All beef we offer at Autumn’s Harvest Farm is certified Grass-fed. Our cattle are grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture raised. We never use hormones, steroids, GMOs or antibiotics.

One Baseball steak in vacuum sealed package