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A Regenerative, New York, Family Farm

A Real Farm Family! Providing Real MEAT!

We're dedicated to providing humanely raised, grass-fed beef, pasture pork, and pasture-raised chicken and eggs. Our commitment lies in sustainable farming methods that prioritize environmental health and the well-being of our animals. 

Our objective is clear:

Provide consumers with a nourishing product that aligns with their values and supports responsible agriculture. 



Our Story

Overlooking Cayuga Lake within New York's Finger Lakes region, Autumn’s Harvest Farm, LLC thrives. It all began in the early 2000s, ignited by a serendipitous encounter with six baby chicks that found their way into our care. Inspired by the dream of nurturing a family on a farm, instilling regenerative practices, and cultivating a deep love for animals and the land in our, someday, children, our journey began.
With the arrival of Labor Day, not merely the close of summer but the inception of a bustling chicken tractor and the addition of 50 feathered companions, our immersion into gardening, pig rearing, and farming began. Unbeknownst to us, these endeavors sowed the seeds of Autumn’s Harvest Farm, LLC.
Through unyielding dedication and ceaseless effort, our vision of crafting a self-sustaining regenerative farmstead gradually materialized. As the years unfolded, our family expanded, with three children wholeheartedly embracing farm life and the foundational principles of regenerative farming that form the core of Autumn’s Harvest.
At the heart of our farm lie transparency and integrity. Livestock freely graze, feasting on natural forage without the intrusion of antibiotics, hormones, or artificial additives. Our commitment to ethical practices extends from the contented grazing animals to the conscientious nurturing of the soil.
The inevitable evolution of the farm transpired. Initially, our meats graced local farmers' markets and our onsite farm store. However, embracing the winds of change in 2020, we ventured into innovation by adopting an online platform for pre-orders and local pickups, fostering connections with grateful patrons across the Finger Lakes region.
As the world evolves around us, Autumn’s Harvest Farm evolves in parallel. With meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, the farm strides into its next chapter. Our meticulously prepared meats, free from GMOs and expertly hand-cut, are primed to reach doorsteps across New York State, in 2024, delivering the essence of farm goodness.

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In 2003, we expanded our farming initiatives by introducing beef cattle alongside our existing pork, broiler chicken, and egg-laying chicken programs. The land we acquired had suffered from over-farming, excessive grazing, erosions, and desertification before our ownership. Inspired by the methodologies of Joel Salatin and Allan Savory, we implemented a transformative rotational grazing system involving multiple species at high density. This shift immediately kickstarted the land's recovery.

Our commitment to sustainable practices extends to our beef production, ensuring our cattle are exclusively grass-fed and grass-finished. We hold certifications as a certified grass-fed operation and are recognized by Animal Welfare Approved. These certifications signify our dedication to surpassing standards, assuring our customers of our trustworthiness and the quality of our products.

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Berkshire Pigs

Our Heritage breed Berkshire pigs have outdoor access year-round and are supplemented with non-GMO grains sourced locally using several rations that were developed on the farm, all of which are free from antibiotics. Years of careful breeding and allowing our pigs to live outdoors in ways that mimic nature has allowed us to create an exquisite pork that is moist and flavorful. Whether dining out or eating in, Berkshire pork will create a fine dining experience.

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Pasture Raised 


At Autumn’s Harvest Farm, our chicken diversity spans from broilers to rare egg layers, ensuring a range of options. Our egg-laying chickens enjoy portable houses on wheels, each equipped with solar lighting that extends their access to water during the darker winter months. These movable shelters offer 24/7 shelter while granting the freedom to roam outside at their leisure. Following our beef cattle, these chickens forage through manure, feasting on bugs and aiding in the natural spread of nutrients. This harmonious cycle with nature significantly contributes to the exceptional quality of our eggs and pastures. 

Our meat chickens, raised seasonally in portable coops, benefit from twice-daily rotation across fresh pastures. This meticulous rotational grazing system guarantees an abundance of fresh grass, herbs, legumes, and bugs, enriching their diet and overall well-being. 

All our poultry enjoy free-choice access to locally sourced Non-GMO grains, with soy comprising approximately 10% of their grain intake.

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