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Unveiling Our Farm Practices

In the serene landscapes of the Finger Lakes in New York, our family farm unfolds a story of dedicated practices aimed at delivering pure, wholesome goodness. Here is an insight into the essence of our agricultural journey:
The Scoop on Quality: Our livestock thrives in idyllic conditions—grazing on lush pastures and basking in the sun. Pigs and chickens forage for grasses and bugs while munching on non-GMO grains sourced locally, eschewing air-drop deliveries from distant lands. Our commitment revolves around providing pure, wholesome goodness in every bite.
Cracking the Transparency Code: Amidst the complexities of USDA labels, our farm assures clarity. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or mysterious additives find their way into our meats. Instead, our focus rests on the natural, healthy, and happy lives of our animals.
Soil Superheroes: Our fields boast immaculate cleanliness, free from harmful sprays like herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Our farming philosophy revolves around letting nature work its magic to maintain the integrity of the soil.
Happy Grazing Gang: Our animals revel in a dreamlike existence, freely roaming and feasting on a wholesome diet of bugs, grubs, and grasses. This abundance is made possible through our meticulous rotational grazing system, creating a never-ending buffet of fresh forage.
The Meaty Facts: A commitment to 100% grass-fed and finished ruminants defines our approach. Pigs and chickens, our other companions, enjoy locally grown GMO-free supplements, eliminating the need to ship grains from distant locations as some others claim to be 'organic.'
No Funny Business: A resounding declaration echoes through our practices—no antibiotics, steroids, hormones, or mRNA’s ever. Our commitment extends beyond processing times to a lifelong dedication to our animals' well-being.
But wait, the tale continues with our rockstar butcher shop—the heart and soul of our operation:
Butcher Shop Brilliance: Our beef and pork undergo humane slaughter at a USDA butcher shop, with an additional touch of excellence—10-14 days of dry aging for flavor that tantalizes taste buds. In our 20c licensed butcher shop, meats are meticulously hand-cut into sub-primal cuts, ensuring top-notch quality in every slice. Sausages, crafted on-site, carry the homemade touch without any fillers.
The Finale: We seal the deal with immediate vacuum-sealing and freezing, preserving all the fresh goodness from pasture to plate. A side note: our meats remain frozen for up to 12 months in your freezer.
In conclusion, our journey unfolds as a testament to the well-being of happy animals on pasture, devoid of chemicals and antibiotics. From the open fields to our meticulous butchering process, our practices reflect a commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our farming operation.