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Here are our Top F.A.Q.'s:

Q: Do you ship?

 Absolutely! We've expanded our shipping options to include UPS delivery directly to doorsteps all across New York State. Place your order by midnight on Sunday to ensure prompt delivery.

You may also order for Pickup at one of our pick up locations. See HERE for locations days and times. 

We do have an on Farm Store. Click here for hours.

Q: Are your products sent Fresh or Frozen?

Normally all of our products are frozen but occasionally we do have a fresh product go out with our order.

Q: Do you charge by weight or per item?

: Our on-farm butcher shop is able to cut our items to our desired weight, therefore we sell by the item for shipping and pickup orders.  Our on Farm Store sells items by weight.  

Q: Is there a required membership fee or subscription?

Nope! You can order what you want when you want it. Or you can Unlock a 5% discount on every order, coupled with a FREE item for LIFE! Join our Subscribe & Save program on the checkout page. Tailor your deliveries to fit your schedule—whether monthly, every two months, or bi-weekly. Take charge by setting your orders on repeat or switch it up at your convenience. No strings attached – opt out anytime and enjoy total control over your subscription

Q: How are your products packaged?

Everything is in vacuum seal packages and is put into the freezer as soon as it has been packaged to lock in freshness. Product will keep in your home freezer up to 12 months.

***If you have other questions, feel free to send us an email using form below!