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Autumn's Harvest Farm

A regenerative farm that prioritizes environmental health and the well-being of our animals.

Pastured Meats from the Finger Lakes of New York

We're dedicated to providing great tasting grass fed and finished beef, heritage breed pork, and pasture-raised chicken and eggs. Our commitment lies in regenerative farming methods that prioritize environmental health and the well-being of our animals.

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      Google Reviews:

      Absolutely my favorite meat and farmers by far! The quality, taste and selection are the best. I raved about you when I first found you, and I rave about you now that I’ve moved away. You are continually tops in my list of what I miss most about moving away.
      Best farm around! They employ excellent, regenerative practices and sell the best meat out there at best prices. The spices in their sausages are also perfect!
      Looking forward to seeing your improvements! I am glad to have connected with you, to provide better food for my family. I plan to continue to purchase from you as we move forward, even past this pandemic.
      Long time customer, Linda
      Thank Sarah and Tim for helping me to provide the best food source for my family! Wishing you and your family a bright and everything possible for 2021!
      Happy Customer, Julie
      Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the rib roast we purchased for New Year’s Eve dinner- perfection in taste and texture!
      Deb & Steve
      What an amazing farm!
      Thanks for all you have done to keep everyone safe and still provide us with your wonderful products. Happy New Year.
      Humanely raised and treated animals, excellent quality meat and eggs. Wonderful family of farmers and employees!

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