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Thanks for all you have done to keep everyone safe and still provide us with your wonderful products. Happy New Year.
Looking forward to seeing your improvements! I am glad to have connected with you, to provide better food for my family. I plan to continue to purchase from you as we move forward, even past this pandemic.
Long time customer, Linda
Thank Sarah and Tim for helping me to provide the best food source for my family! Wishing you and your family a bright and everything possible for 2021!
Happy Customer, Julie
Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the rib roast we purchased for New Year’s Eve dinner- perfection in taste and texture!
Deb & Steve
Also, just want to tell you that you are one good thing to come out of the pandemic for us. When they had the big outbreak of Covid at meatpacking plants I realized for the first time how inhumane they are to the creatures they kill (and actually how dangerous they are for workers). My daughter told us she was ordering from you. We don't eat beef (I think my husband requested a steak once), but your chicken is out of this world. Just wonderful -- as are your eggs. They taste like eggs I remember from my childhood with bright yellow yolks. Felt like I wanted you to know that there are a couple of old people out here who really appreciate what you do. So thank you very much.
Happy Customer, Mollie, Ithaca, NY