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Beef Staples Box

Beef Staples Box

19-20lb Avg/Pkg

Autumn's Harvest Beef Staples Box is a carefully curated selection of premium grass-fed and grass-finished beef, characterized by its commitment to high-quality, ethical, and sustainable farming practices. This box provides a variety of cuts, ensuring a versatile and satisfying culinary experience. The beef included is free from hormones, antibiotics, mRNA, and steroids, and it features the added bonus of being dry-aged for enhanced flavor and tenderness.

Items Included in the Autumn's Harvest Beef Staples Box:

  1. Filet Mignon (2): Indulge in the tenderness and exquisite flavor of two Filet Mignon steaks, a prime and highly sought-after cut known for its buttery texture.
  2. Delmonico Steaks (2): Also known as Ribeye, these steaks offer a well-marbled texture and rich, beefy flavor, providing a delightful dining experience.
  3. NY Strip Steaks (2): Enjoy two New York Strip steaks, featuring a perfect balance of tenderness and robust beef flavor, ideal for grilling or pan-searing.
  4. Chuck Roast (1 - 3lb): A larger cut, the 3lb Chuck Roast is perfect for slow roasting or braising, resulting in succulent and flavorful dishes.
  5. Beef Kabobs (2 packs): These pre-cut beef kabobs offer a convenient and versatile option for skewering and grilling, adding variety to your meals.
  6. Lean Ground Beef (5 packs): Versatile and lean, the Lean Ground Beef is perfect for a variety of recipes, ensuring a nutritious and flavorful base for your favorite dishes.
  7. 8oz Burgers ( 6 patties): Enjoy the convenience of pre-portioned 8oz burgers, perfect for grilling or cooking on the stovetop, providing a quick and delicious meal option.
  8. Minute Steaks (2 packs): These thin, quick-cooking steaks are versatile and suitable for various recipes, offering a convenient option for busy days.

Autumn's Harvest Beef Staples Box showcases the farm's dedication to providing clean, natural, and high-quality beef, emphasizing ethical and sustainable farming practices. The inclusion of various cuts ensures a diverse range of options for cooking, making it a versatile and satisfying addition to your culinary repertoire.

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