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Bacon Burger Patties (4pk)

Bacon Burger Patties (4pk)

1lb Avg/Pkg

✅ 100% Grass-fed and Finished Beef

✅ From cattle raised humanely on regenerative pastures 

✅ Never any growth Hormones, Antibiotics or mRNA's

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Savor the irresistible blend of flavors with our Bacon Burger Patties – a 1lb pack featuring 4 mouthwatering patties. Crafted for your convenience, these patties encapsulate the rich essence of quality ingredients and expert preparation.

At Autumn's Harvest Farm, we infuse passion into every product, ensuring a delightful experience for your taste buds. Our bacon-infused burger patties are a savory indulgence, marrying the smoky allure of bacon with the hearty goodness of high-quality beef.

Feel the convenience of a ready-to-cook 1lb pack, offering 4 perfectly portioned patties for your culinary creations. Whether grilling outdoors or pan-searing in the kitchen, each patty embodies the commitment to excellence upheld at Autumn's Harvest Farm.

Embrace the fusion of flavors, convenience, and quality in every Bacon Burger Patty – a testament to our dedication to providing you with exceptional pasture-raised products.