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3lb Chuck Roast-boneless

3lb Chuck Roast-boneless

3lb Avg/Pkg

Embrace the tradition of Sunday dinners with our 3lb Boneless Chuck Roast—an ideal choice for creating a heartwarming and flavorful slow-cooked masterpiece.

At Autumn’s Harvest Farm, our commitment to providing high-quality, certified Grass-fed beef shines through in every cut. Our cattle live a natural life, being grass-fed, grass-finished, and pasture-raised. With no hormones, steroids, GMOs, or antibiotics used, our beef reflects our dedication to delivering a pure and wholesome product.

The boneless Chuck Roast, weighing 3lb, is perfectly suited for your slow cooker. As it simmers, it transforms into a succulent and tender dish, infusing your Sunday dinner with rich flavors and comforting aromas.

Seize the convenience of a pre-portioned roast that's ready to take center stage in your kitchen. Seal in the goodness of our Chuck Roast as it slow-cooks to perfection, ensuring a delectable and satisfying meal for your Sunday gatherings. Elevate your dining experience with the quality and assurance that Autumn's Harvest Farm provides.