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Deli Bacon Double Smoked

Deli Bacon Double Smoked

1lb Avg/Pkg SUGAR FREE

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✅ From pigs raised humanely on regenerative pastures

✅ Free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs

✅ Ideal for sauces and intense flavors

✅ Finely ground twice for superior texture

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Our pasture-raised Sugar Free Double Smoked Deli pork bacon is simply irresistible! These savory slices of bacon are the perfect addition to any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Ideal for frying, baking, or grilling, our bacon adds that extra mouth-watering smoky flavor to your meal.

At Autumn’s Harvest, our hogs are raised on pasture following strict protocols to ensure delicious, nutritious, and ethically sourced meat you can feel good about eating.

Order our pork bacon now and start making delicious and healthy meals!