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Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb

1.5lb Avg/Pkg (online only)

A rack of lamb raised on a diet of pasture grass and non-GMO grain boasts a delightful tenderness and a distinct, nuanced flavor profile. This cut showcases a perfect balance of meat and fat, offering a succulent and rich taste reflective of the lamb's natural grazing and wholesome diet.

Recipes Using Rack of Lamb:

  1. Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb: Create an herb mixture using fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, and olive oil. Coat the rack of lamb generously with this herb paste and let it marinate for some time to allow the flavors to infuse. Roast the rack in the oven until it reaches the desired level of doneness. The herb crust will form a savory outer layer, complementing the tender meat inside.
  2. Mint-Crusted Rack of Lamb: Prepare a crust by combining breadcrumbs, chopped mint leaves, garlic, and a touch of olive oil. Press this mixture onto the rack of lamb to form a flavorful crust. Roast the rack until it reaches your preferred level of doneness. The mint infusion pairs wonderfully with the natural flavors of the lamb, offering a refreshing and aromatic twist.

This rack of lamb, nurtured on a diet emphasizing pasture grass and non-GMO grain, elevates these recipes with its inherent tenderness and depth of flavor, providing a gourmet experience for any dining occasion.